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This year, like every year since 1977, the worldwide community of museums celebrates the International Museum Day on and around 18th May, coordinated by the International Council of Museums.
This year’s theme is Hyperconnected museums: new approaches, new public.

Hyperconnectivity: a key to communication


Hyperconnectivity refers to the methods of communication we normally use every day. Phone, email, social media, but also face-to-face contact: these ways of communicating are very important to museums, as they can benefit from them involving more and more people.
The objective of the International Museum Day is to show us that museums are very powerful means of cultural exchange and cooperation among people.

International Museum Day: a worldwide celebration

The whole world is going to take part in the event, and the duration of the celebrations is decided by each museum: it can last a day, a week or even a month!
Museums have organized all kinds of activities: theatre, dance, music performances and guided tours, giving people the opportunity to experience culture in new, interesting ways.
A few examples?
On Friday, June 1, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host Teens Take The Met!, an evening of creativity which will be free for all teens (age 13 or older) and will feature all kinds of art-related activities!
The Museum of Finnish Architecture is organizing some guided walks and allow people to places that are usually closed to public.
The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is opening an exhibition about the connection between science, society and culture.

How are you going to celebrate?

The best way to celebrate International Museum Day is to go and visit a nearby museum, maybe with friends or family, or decide to take a longer trip and visit a museum you’ve always wanted to go to.
How to participate? In order to access and participate to the International Museum Day, you have to sign or register here, then enter all your data and get to the Worldwide Museum Map. Don’t forget to use the IMD2018 tag to find in the map the activities you can join!
What do you think about International Museum Day? Will you participate? Tell us about it.