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As the sun is getting warmer, we’re getting close to the second Sunday of May, the month in which many parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mothers in art are a frequent subject, as they have always inspired artists for the creation of breathtaking artworks. With their day coming, we want to discover with you some beautiful masterpieces that represent mothers in different situations.

1. The three ages of woman by Gustav Klimt

The first painting we want to talk about is The three ages of woman by Gustav Klimt. Exhibited at the National Gallery of modern art in Rome, the painting symbolizes the cycle of life, representing three women in different stages of their lives: childhood, motherhood and old age.
The old woman is weak and tired because of the course of time. The young woman has long, orange hair and her skin is as smooth as the baby’s, since they have their whole life ahead of them.

2. Mother and child in a boat by Edmund Charles Tarbell


Exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, this painting depicts Tarbell’s wife and his daughter Josephine, whom he used as models, and portrays a moment of bonding between mother and child, with the help of beautiful and bright colors. The painting borrows aspects from Japanese prints, such as the high viewpoint, which makes the depiction even more intimate.

3. Madonna and child by Giovanni Battista Salvi


The last painting we chose to celebrate mothers in art is Madonna and Child, by Giovanni Battista Salvi. Housed inside the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, the artwork depicts the Virgin Mary, sitting, with a sleepy Baby Jesus on her laps. The painter wanted to represent the love between mother and son, and not only as the holy Mary and Jesus: this is why the mother is shown as tender and caring and Jesus as a sweet, sleepy baby.

Is there a Mother’s Day in your country? When do you celebrate it and how? Tell us about it!
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